Nickel Alloy 718

Nickel Alloy 718 solution annealed and age hardened Nickel alloy

Alloy718 (UNS N07718, ASTM B637, API 6A CRA 1st Edition Addendum 3)

Solution annealed and age hardened Nickel alloy.

Mechanical Properties Condition:
Solution annealed followed by age hardening.

Grade has very high strength and 140 ksi (40HRC Maximum) and 150ksi (45HRC Maximum) yield strengths can be achieved with modified aging cycle as per API 6ACRA Issue 1 Addendum 3, excellent subzero impact properties even at higher strengths. Excellent corrosion resistance and so is used in a range of severe corrosive environments for applications such as hangers, gates and stems. Maximum hardness shown is based on compliance with NACE MR0175 / ISO 15156.

– Product Datasheet

Nickel Alloy 718